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Providing social media, design & development services.

What We do

Digital Services

The Tomas North Company is based in Wales, United Kingdom. It is a non-profit company that provides services to other businesses and companies to improve their social interaction and to help their companies face look better.


Continuum Radio & Studios

Continuum Studios is an independent film production & online radio company based in Wales, UK. Producing films and live radio shows as a passsion.

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Left Hub

Left Hub is an education & business platform, mostly aimed at schooling institutes, it is also offered in TNC's Business Tools "Pro Package". It offers a word writing tool, a forum and a video sharing site.

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TNC's Business Tools

TNC offers a range of tools to companies that may require them. We offer a Left Hub Business Suite account for your business, full support on all our products, business photography, social media control and company face-lifts, for as little as £5.

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Learn more about us and our company.

Below, you will be able to read our mission statement and see who we've helped out in the past.

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Rascals Coffee House - Visit

Alakazam Theatre group - Visit

Pontardawe Youth Club & Littering Scheme - Visit

Did you know?

We helped design Pontardawe Youth Club's Community Cookbook? Learn more here.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the Internet a better place. We provide a wide range of services to help and support you and your business

We are happy to support you throughout your journey.

Our Services

What we can do for you

TNC offers many services for your company or yourself.

Media Services

Social Media setup, Website setup, Website creation, Website hosting

Audio and Video Services

Audio Editing, Audio Recording, Film Making, Video Editing

Buisness Services

Left for Buisness, Word Service, Video Sharing, Company Forum

Other Services

Graphic Design, Booklet & Book Design, Left Hub

TNC is very helpful when your are starting a company or shop, we can help your setup social media.

TomasTNC's Founder